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We have distinguished, renowned and well known scholars in our Editorial Advisory Board.

The role of the Editorial Advisory Board is to provide input, suggestions and specialized support in article management. They may be requested occasionally as Guest Associate Editor for specific papers; may like to propose opinion papers or editorials and may act as reviewers for problematic/controversial papers.


Dr. Hilal Ahmed

Dr Hilal Ahmed

Dr Ahmed is Associate Professor at Centre for the Study of Developing Societies. He works on Muslim politics, representation debate and politics of symbols. His publication includes Muslim Political Discourse in Postcolonial India: Monuments, Memory, Contestation (Routledge 2014),

Dr Ahmed is the Associate Editor, South Asian Studies, journal of the British Association of South Asian Studies. He was a Visiting Fellow, at Victoria University Wellington, (2013-14), Visiting Asia Fellow, University of Dhaka, (2011) and Visiting Professor at University of Pune (2011), Victoria University, University of Wellington. NZ.

Dr. Ahmed writes for academic journals, newspapers, and websites in English and Hindi. He has produced two documentaries, Encountering the Political Jama Masjid (English, 2006) and Qutub ek Adhura Afsana (Qutub: an unfinished story, Hindi with English subtitles, 2016).

Dr Ahmed has also received Rajya Sabha Fellowship, The Asia Fellow Award, Indian Institute of Advanced Studies Fellowship, The Ford Foundation Fellowship etc. He is also a Regular face on News Channels like NDTV, Rajya Sabha TV. The Print etc.

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